Risk & Opportunity

A quarterly political and economic newsletter published by Michael Cuddehe


The Risk & Opportunity newsletters from
Q1 ‘ 02 through Q1 ’09 have been consolidated into the book,
Chronicle of Catastrophe: a Contemporaneous History of the Bush Years.

2017 Donald Trump – The Chaos President
Q3 ’16 2016 Election Issue—The Politics of Destruction
Q2 ’16 Artificial Intelligence – Blessing or Curse?
Q1 ’16 WMD Proliferation: India-Pakistan Edition
Q4 ’15 Uncertainty
Q2 ’15 Green Shoots
Q1 ’15 Rationalizing Lunacy
Q4 ’14 The Tao of Washington
Q2 & 3 ’14 A Time for Downsizing
Q1 ’14 A Model for Leadership
Q4 ’13 History Repeats Itself
Q2 ’13 On the Bank of the Rubicon
Q1 ’13 The Mother of All Bubbles
Q3 ’12 Elections and De-Leveraging
Q2 ’12 All That Glitters
Q1 ’12 Contrary (Positive) Thoughts
Q3 & 4 ’11 Real Change is Coming
Q2 ’11 Government is Losing Legitimacy
Q1 ’11 The Deficit Dilemma
Q4 ’10 On the Brink
Q3 ’10 2010 Election Issue: The Rise of the Mob
Q1 & 2 ’10 Sliding Gradually Down the Slippery Slope
Q4 ’09 Real Estate Reality
Q3 ’09 Mauldin on Economic Policy Options
Q2 ’09 The Financial Crisis is Not Over
Q1 ’09 Lifestyle Downsizing
Q4 ’08 Setting the Stage for Hyperinflation
Q3 ’08 Market Meltdown into the Election
Q2 ’08 The Mother of All Messes
Q1 ’08 Back From the Brink
Q4 ’07 A Time for Caution
Q3 ’07 A Look on the Bright Side
Q2 ’07 The End of an Era
Q1 ’07 The Presidential Cycle and Mideast Tensions
Q4 ’06 Martin Luther King on Iraq
Q3 ’06 The Mid-Term Elections and the Military Commissions Act
Q2 ’06 The Incredible Shrinking U.S.
Q1 ’06 Christ Among the Partisans
Q4 ’05 The Great Debate: Debt Bubble vs This Time is Different
Q3 ’05 Uncertainty and the Fruit of Hubris
Q2 ’05 America’s Truth Deficit
Q1 ’05 Wisdom From Paul Volker
Q4 ’04 What, Me Worry?
Q2 ’04 Marking Time
Q1 ’04 The Home Stretch
Q3 ’03 The Twilight Zone
Q2 ’03 More of the Same
Q1 ’03 Gambling, Hubris and the Wages of War
Q4 ’02 The Big Picture
Q3 ’02 Consumption Exhaustion and The Case for Deflation
Q2 ’02 Strategies for a Bear Market
Q1 ’02 Why Alternative Investments

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