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About Michael Cuddehe

Michael J. Cuddehe is co-founder and, through Cuddehe, LLC, a Managing Member and Chief Investment Officer of Strategic Global Advisors, LLC. Mr. Cuddehe began his career in financial management in June 1979 as a Commodity Specialist at the Kansas City office of Dean Witter Reynolds. In June 1980, he moved to Clayton Brokerage Co, a commodity specialty firm. In March 1981, he established his own firm, Cuddehe Corp., registered as a CTA, and began to manage discretionary managed accounts employing a proprietary trading program. In 1982, Cuddehe Corp. entered into a marketing partnership with futures broker Churchill Commodities Ltd. that led to the eventual merger of the two firms and the formation of a new CTA, Fairfield Financial Group (“FFG”) in December 1985. Mr. Cuddehe became President of FFG and subsequently consolidated the firm’s managed accounts into Chartwell Partners, LP, a futures fund formed by FFG. He retired from the trading desk in August of 1988 but continued as President of FFG until 1996 when FFG and Chartwell Partners were dissolved and Mr. Cuddehe went on to pursue other interests, including running as a candidate for U.S. Representative.

From December 1996 until December 2006, Mr. Cuddehe furthered his research of the futures markets and continued to trade on a proprietary basis.  In addition, Mr. Cuddehe acted as an independent consultant in the alternative investment industry, providing research, product development and marketing advice on a number of hedge funds, private equity funds and funds of funds. His clients have included Braddock Financial Corp., a Denver fixed income hedge fund group, and Emerald Strategies, LLC, a Chicago alternative investment firm.

In December 2006, Mr. Cuddehe entered into a joint venture with Patrick F. Hart, III. The objective was to organize a CTA whose core trading program is based upon Mr. Cuddehe’s 30 years of market research and actual trading experience as well as Mr. Hart’s 25 years of managed futures and hedge fund experience. The Global Select LS trading strategy was funded in December of 2006, and he and Mr. Hart officially launched Seven Trust in December 2007.

Mr. Cuddehe publishes a quarterly economic and political newsletter, Risk & Opportunity.  In addition, Mr. Cuddehe works with like-minded business leaders dedicated to promoting environmentally sound public policy and business practices.

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