Saturday, October 20, 2007

I've Been on Tilt

I have not posted anything to this blog in weeks. The reason is that I have been on a state of disbelief, suspended from participation of any kind in public dialogue. It all began with Democrat capitulation to President Bush on the Iraq war, followed by capitulation on FISA, and then to add a different dimension to the overall surreal state of public affairs, the deafening silence from both sides regarding the Larry Craig incident. Republicans are understandably embarrassed and would like the whole matter to just go away, but you can imagine their sustained public indignation if the transgressor had been a Democrat. Democrats on the other hand seem to be afraid of offending their gay constituency. Apparently it is politically incorrect among Democrats to criticize sexual indiscretions that occur between members of the same sex, no matter how depraved. Salon even jumped into the Craig issue with a featured piece about how "hot" bathroom sex is! I found myself wondering what planet I am on.

Follow up these events with continued capitulation by Democrats on virtually every point of contention with the most unpopular, clearly deluded and dangerous President in modern history and I find myself disoriented. The American people overturned the Republican Congress to put an end to the disastrous war in Iraq and the cowardice of the Democrats elected for that purpose is extremely disappointing. I am hoping that there is some method to the madness, and at some strategic point they will start holding the line, but at this point such thoughts seem more like fantasy than legitimate hope.

Personally, I am questioning what purpose it will serve to continue to weigh in on public affairs. Is there any value in putting forth a balanced view, or is it just a waste of time? Are we headed into ever more violent foreign policy and lawless government regardless of which party is in charge? Is political correctness (both "conservative" and "liberal" versions) so dominant that honest debate is no longer possible on any issue? Are we condemned to continue to be ruled by the least among us? I remain suspended and unsure of the answers to these questions.

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