Monday, August 20, 2007

I Propose a Debate

Two people put forth very thoughtful commentaries on war today that deserve ongoing attention and debate.

Glenn Greenwald in his blog "The rigid pro-war ideology of the foreign policy community" looks into the mindset of what he calls the Foreign Policy Establishment and their propensity for waging wars that are "in the national interest" rather than just in self defense.

Victor Davis Hanson in his article "Why Study War?"cites the history and, in his opinion, inevitability of war while arguing for broader study and greater cultural awareness of the history and art of war.

I would like to propose a debate, or mutual commentary, between these two thinkers, based on the issues raised in their respective pieces. This interchange can take place here, on The Greater Good, or wherever suits the writers. Both of these pieces raise serious issues about war in a thoughtful way that could be further illuminated with ongoing debate and commentary. This is a critical issue for America today and we can all benefit from the interchange.

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