Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Fruit of Welfare "Reform"

A single mother leaves her two small children in the car while she goes to work. They expire in the heat. Link.

This one made the national press. But if you take the trouble to look, there are hundreds of cases like this every year where confused and overwhelmed single mothers make a mistake, or are pressured into a bad decision, and their children die or are seriously endangered as a result. This is the fruit of welfare "reform." And let's not even get into the contribution of single mother households to the gang problem.

The problem of single mothers is a complex one, and there are a wide range of responses to the problem ranging from all out welfare to forced adoption and sterilization. Either extreme is probably not what a "civilized" country should accept, but exactly how civilized is a society that leaves single mothers to flounder until they finally make a fatal error, and then arrests them and charges them with homicide?

Mothers are the most important people in our society. They are the grooms of the future. Government can't take care of everyone, or even all the single mothers. But government can certainly organize, pressure and jawbone for real solutions. What we have now is callous neglect that morphs into institutionalized brutality when a mistake is made.

Ironically, prison will probably be a blessing for this woman. At least she won't have to make any decisions or find a job. She will never be right after this.

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