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The objective of R&O is to provide social, political and economic commentary on developments that impact the trajectory of our society from the perspective of the marketplace. Special emphasis is given to long-term structural and systemic issues.

Q2 '16

2016 Election Issue—The Politics of Destruction

As the 2016 presidential election mercifully draws to a close, the polls indicate that Hillary Clinton will handily defeat Donald Trump. There is great uncertainty, however, regarding control of Congress. The House is expected to remain in Republican hands, but the Senate is up for grabs. At the eleventh hour, an announcement by FBI Director Richard Comey that the Clinton emails are under review again has created turmoil, raising the specter of a Brexit-like shocker at the end.

Regardless of the final result, it will take quite some time for the American people to recover from the year-long outpouring of campaign venom and sleaze dumped on us daily by our corporate media. ... more

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